Welcome to The CIDP Journey. Join us for a multimedia exploration of where CIDP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) treatment and research stands, what the future of care may hold, and the experiences of clinicians and patients as they collaborate on the frontlines of CIDP care.

The CIDP Journey will examine new insights on the importance of accurate and timely diagnosis of CIDP as well as the need to carefully differentiate it from similar disorders.

We will spotlight the collaborative efforts that are enabling patients with CIDP to lead lifestyles consistent with their capabilities. Join us as we examine new medications and other treatment modalities, and address quality-of-life decisions for patients dealing with medication side effects and psychosocial difficulties.

Experience discussions of the role of patient and physician collaboration in sustaining continuity of care and in tailoring therapy to individual patient needs and preferences. And, importantly, view the impact of CIDP through the eyes of individual patients who generously tell their stories of how they build their lives around their abilities, not their disabilities.

The road to a cure for CIDP lies ahead. Along the way, clinicians, physicians, and patients are sharing their stories of working toward that goal at The CIDP Journey. We invite you to join them.

Walk with us.